Can English speakers learn languages?

Of course English speakers can learn languages, but mostly  they don’t. Why? Here is a guest article I wrote on the subject recently for an interesting new blog on language learning called Lingholic. 

This blog belongs to Sam, a fellow Canadian polyglot who lives in Ottawa. He manages to combine his passion for learning languages, his blog and a full time job. With this growing army of language bloggers, the world is slowly becoming more open to the joys of learning languages, or at least I hope so!

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5 comments on “Can English speakers learn languages?


Great article ! I agree learning a language is like any other skill. It requires determination and hard work. A lot of English native speakers will be truly impressed if a person can speak an ‘exotic’ Asian language. But it’s as tough for an English speaker to learn any language as it is a other language speaker to learn English. However, we rarely give them as much credit.


Native English speakers don’t learn second languages because, for the most part, we don’t need to. The US and Canada are both geographically huge, and the UK and Australia are both islands. And English is the world’s most widely spoken second language. So it’s very possible to stay in a monolingual English bubble almost anywhere in the world.

This also makes it very difficult for English speakers to immerse themselves in other languages. People from other countries always want to practice their English, and their English is probably better than our [Language X] anyway.

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