Banned by Benny.

I have now been banned from commenting on Benny’s blog. No problem, his prerogative. You can find his justification there. BTW this is the first time I have been banned from a website.


Leaving aside what I consider his flippant attitude to the comments of others, Benny made two principle claims at our LingQ Forum to illustrate the effectiveness of his learning system.


“I’ve already achieved C2 in a language in a short time, and I was previously successful in accent elimination (he claims on his site that his accent in Portuguese is that of a native of Rio) -”


I question both statements. The first because he, typically, does not identify the language, nor the time involved, nor offer any proof,  and the second, because three Brazilians have told me via my blog, twitter and email, that he has a pronounced foreign accent on his Portuguese.


I will reiterate what I said earlier.


“Benny is completely exasperating. He makes numerous misleading or completely false claims, deliberately distorts what critics have to say, creates strawman arguments in order to then debunk them with hyperbole and gusto, and then offers up gratuitous insults.


He is, nevertheless, still welcome to comment on my blog and at LingQ. I have never banned anyone and only censor for vulgarity.

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