Audio Books and Language Learning

Il Narratore Italian audio books are now available at LingQ. These are wonderful recordings of many of the classics of Italian literature. I have long been a fan of Maurizio and Il Narratore, and have listened to many of these works in order to enjoy Italian literature and to work on my Italian.


Come cambia la lettura con l’audiolibro di Maurizio Falghera

Maurizio, explains, in this short recording in Italian, the power of an audio book as a learning tool which can stimulate our brain to learn, especially when narrated by a skilled  artist.I am in full agreement with him, and am finding the same now with my Czech as I listen to an audio book of The Good Soldier Svejk, able to understand only a little bit, but quite willing to listen over and over. Of course I can read the transcript and learn the words and phrases on LingQ as well.


Even if your Italian is not great, I suggest you listen to what Maurizio has to say. You will find that you will want to devote more energy to the study of Italian.

The full transcript and translation are available here in the LingQ Italian library. If you are not a member you will have to register to read the transcript and translation, but it is all free. You can stream the audio and follow along, saving the words and phrases that you want to learn, and referring to the translation as required.

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1 comment on “Audio Books and Language Learning


I am sorry if you have answered this many times, but …

Can you suggest how I can find books with matching audiobooks? I am trying to find primarily Portuguese, Spanish, French, but will eventually need to find Japanese (which presents problems because of the need to learn kana).

I would love to find some contemporary books … for instance, I tried to find The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people, but could not find a matching audiobook. Of course I will use any book that will help me if I can’t find contemporary stuff. I am currently using Harry Potter in the three Romance languages, but I don’t really have a great drive to read this book.

Thanks for any help!

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