A discussion with Stephen Krashen.

The clarity of thought of Stephen Krashen is a delight. I was able to talk with him for 30 minutes on language learning. I hope I get the chance to do this again.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqVhgSvwWYk]

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Lyle Lexier

Hi Steve,I really enjoyed your interview with Stephen Krashen. I learned a lot about language acquisition and my method of learning foreign languages is mostly memorizing vocabulary and secondly memorizing all the grammar. I have done this with French, Spanish, German, and Hebrew. I need to do a lot of reading and listening.


Hi, Steve, I`m learning english, I`ve used all the methods you say and I totally agree that comprehensive input is the best efficient way to learn. but, still I have a problem: I enjoy reading, love listening, and I could say that I understand 90% t to 95% of american native speaker say. but, how can I actually develop the skill of speak in english? always I`m struggle with that. even if I try, it`s not easy. how much time do I need in order to really speak with somebody in english. (sorry for grammar mistakes).Love your blog.Victor.

Steve Kaufmann

Victor,Don’t be so hard on yourself. You do fine, and the more you speak the better you will get. Notice the language while listening and reading, relax while speaking, don’t expect perfection but believe that you are constantly improving./Steve


Stephen, I really appreciate your personal interest in clear my mind with this issue.I´ll do everything you say, because now I´m convinced that both notice and relax are so important. again, thank you very much.Victor

Julia from Italy

Thank you for this little video about the interview. It’s really interesting and it gave me a lot of ideas and new inputs for learning Languages!Have a great day and thank you for being so kind!Julia from Italy

This was such a great and useful audio, thank you so much! At audiostory.com we can offer little stories that can be listen to in English, French and Spanish to help people learning while enjoying a beautiful and intriguing storyThank you so muchElena

Langston Morrison

Hello, my name is Langston and I have a passion for learning languages. I have achieved fluency in 2 languages using lingq. I have become fluent in Spanish and Chinese. Thank you for your works!

Sergio Rodrigues

Very good interview really, but it doesn’t clarify my doubt: how can I learn a language from the scratch just by reading and listening whithout the help of a text-book?


Se, se… krashen è un gran chiacchierone, ma alla prova dei fatti quante lingue parla oltre all’inglese? A me risulta nessuna. E’ come se uno che non sa nuotare volesse spiegare a degli olimpionici lo stile libero. Ridicolo!

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