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7 October 2015

Syrian Refugees Will Need to Invest in Language Skills

  Refugees are flowing into Europe. The newspapers, TV news and social media are reporting on the desperate plight of people fleeing war in Syria and elsewhere, or people who are simply seeking a better life in Europe. Europe is not the only area into which refugees are flowing. We are witnessing a massive movement […]

3 October 2015

Which language is easiest to learn?

Steve: Hi there, Steve here to answer your questions with my sidekick Kiran. Kiran: Hello everyone. Steve: So we may as get right into them. Kiran: Yeah, okay. We have a lot of good questions this week. Steve: Okay. Kiran: The first one is: Do you recommend focusing on communicating instead of perfection? Steve: Absolutely, […]

22 September 2015

Steve’s Answers on Your Language Learning Questions – Part 3

Steve: Hello there, we’re here again. First of all, we have a guest today. We have my friend Gabriel from Brazil visiting who also has his own Facebook page. Gabriel: Yes and a YouTube channel. We have everything, a website. The Facebook I am especially proud of. Steve: And you speak how many languages? Gabriel: […]

17 September 2015

September 90-Day Challenge: 2 Week Update

Hi there, Steve Kaufmann here, two weeks in to my 90-Day Challenge challenging the language of Polish. I’ve been working heavily with the material from Piotr from Real Polish, which I mentioned last time, both his 100 stories, which are great, and his podcasts. I’ve been downloading content from Radio Polski. The audio doesn’t necessarily […]

16 September 2015

Steve’s Answers on Your Language Learning Questions – Part 2

Steve: Hi, there. Steve again and… Kiran: Hello. Kiran. Steve: We’re going to go over your questions, which we’ve collected. Now, I can’t answer all the questions, but I’ve collected them to some extent and we’re going to, hopefully, answer most of the questions. So go ahead. Shoot, Kiran. Kiran: Okay. The first one: Writing […]

8 September 2015

Why Content is King

One of the most important ingredients for language learning success is interesting, captivating and meaningful content. I am rediscovering this truth as I proceed in my 90-Day Challenge in Polish. The discovery of Real Polish has been a major turning point in my Polish studies. The material that Piotr has created is outstanding, especially the […]

7 September 2015

Steve’s Answers on Your Language Learning Questions – Part 1

Steve: Hi, this is Steve. You may not know Kiran, he’s part of the LingQ team. You can’t see Sam, but he’s the cameraman. We’re going to try to answer some of the questions that you’ve sent us on our 90-Day Challenge and I hope that you are all working hard on the 90-Day Challenge. […]

5 September 2015

Can We Learn 100 Words a Day?

In a comment to a previous post, Stefan asked me how many words I thought I could learn in a day. We had quite a discussion on this, and I have given it some more thought.   If I take my own Czech studies, I have been at it about 6 months.  It is all […]

3 September 2015

My First Day of the 90-Day Challenge

Well, it’s time to get busy Learning Polish! I started by listening to and reading the series “Who is She” in our Polish library at LingQ, while working out on my stepping machine, using my iPad. I have gone through this course before so there are a lot of words that I have looked up […]

20 August 2015

How to Learn Vocabulary

This is a transcript of one of my YouTube Videos – To keep up with my latest thoughts on language learning, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Hi. Language learning is one of the most enriching, rewarding, satisfying activities we can engage in. If you’re interested in this subject, please subscribe to my channel where I talk […]