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24 April 2016

Listening Comprehension – An Important Language Skill

I believe that listening comprehension is an important skill in language learning. That is what you should drive for first of all. If you develop good listening comprehension, the other skills will come, the speaking will come, even your grammar, your accuracy.

21 April 2016

Levels of Proficiency in a Foreign Language

I recently watched a video which features polyglots Luca Lampariello and Anthony Lauder. In it they make the point that you don’t need to have a large vocabulary in order to be fluent. Anthony has said in the past that even with a few hundred words you can be fluent, or you can be fluent at a relatively low level of proficiency in a language. I don’t agree at all.

17 April 2016

Google Translate “Doesn’t Work”

I hear all the time that Google Translate doesn’t work. It’s not accurate. It’s this and that. I think Google Translate is a tremendous resource and not only for language learners. It’s not 100% and it’s better for some languages than others, but I find it extremely useful.

11 April 2016

Tips and Tricks for Learning Spanish

I think Spanish is one of the most attractive languages to learn. We can all be motivated to learn a specific language like Mongolian or Finnish because we have a friend or a particular interest. Spanish is different: there are a number of real big advantages to learning Spanish.

4 April 2016

How to Have Motivation in Language Learning

Maintaining motivation is absolutely key. I think many people start with some motivation to learn a language and, for various reasons, get frustrated and they are unable to maintain their motivation.

28 March 2016

Similarities and Differences Between the Slavic Languages

The most popularly spoken Slavic languages are Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian in the east, Polish, Czech and Slovakian in the west and then the the languages of the former Yugoslavia in the south.

21 March 2016

A Language Learner’s Manifesto

Have you been studying a language for a while? Are you still afraid to speak ? Follow the Language Learner’s Manifesto and become confident and FLUENT in your chosen language.

16 March 2016

Come to Vancouver and Learn With Me!

Join me in Vancouver, at our LingQ headquarters, for three months to do the following:

– Spend two hours a day studying English with LingQ under my personal guidance.
– Spend up to five hours a day of working with our LingQ team in English.
– Spend the rest of your time taking advantage of living in an English speaking environment.

13 March 2016

The Seven Secrets to Language Learning Success: Part 2

Last week I wrote about the first four secrets to language learning success: spend the time, do what you like to do, learn to notice and words over grammar. Today’s post reveals the last three secrets.

10 March 2016

The Yin and Yang of Language Learning

Language learning is about communicating. It’s about meaning. It’s about substance. Therefore, we want to learn the language from content that’s of interest to us and when we talk we want to communicate things that make sense.