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25 November 2015

The Older Language Learner

I would like to talk about older language learners. When using Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus I see posts from people I am following or that are following me. Recently I saw a post there from someone saying, I want to do some research on the problems of older language learners and see what I can do to help them.

13 November 2015

Can you get “brain freeze” when speaking a new language? How would you go about learning Farsi? How do you use Assimil?

Can you get “brain freeze” when speaking a new language? In other words, sometimes we know the word, we know what we want to say, but we just can’t remember the word. We can’t say it and the more we try to remember it, of course, the more we ensure that we won’t be able to remember it.

9 November 2015

How Many Words Do We Need to Speak a Language?

It is tempting to believe that we can just acquire a small number of very useful words, and sort of get a jump start in a language. I have never found that to be the case. Even learning “where”, “when” “why” etc. does not help a lot, in my experience, because it simply takes a […]

1 November 2015

Language Learning is Like Falling in Love

I have been asked to redo the recording for this podcast that I did over two years ago. Here it is again. This evening I have to give a short talk in Japanese to about 30 members of the Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce. I am a Director of this Cha…

27 October 2015

What is Your Motivation to Learn New Languages?

Hi there. Steve Kaufmann here again, answering some of the questions that you have written on my YouTube channel. I apologize for this light shinning of my gray hair or white hair, but if I don’t put the light on then it’s too dark in here. Hopefully, that doesn’t disturb you. The first question was: […]

26 October 2015

Should You Learn Multiple Languages at Once? (Part 1)

Hi there, Steve Kaufmann here today and I’m going to talk about learning multiple languages at the same time. This is in response to a question I received from one of my YouTube viewers from Sweden, Pelle. If I remember correctly, he’s studying Russian, hasn’t been at it very long, but would also like to […]

19 October 2015

How Long Should it Take to Learn a Language?

Language learning depends mostly on three factors, the attitude of the learner, the time available, and learner’s attentiveness to the language. If we assume a positive attitude on the part of the learner, and a reasonable and growing attentivenes…

18 October 2015

What is The Hardest Language to Learn?

Hi there, Steve Kaufmann. Questions and answers, I did it with my sons last time and we did another one with Mark, but somehow I bungled getting that video into my computer and uploaded to YouTube. So, unfortunately, you’re just going to have me reading the questions, which come from my YouTube channel, questions that […]

11 October 2015

Do We Learn Languages Subconsciously?

Steve: Hi, Steve here on my seventieth birthday. I’ve got my two sons visiting, Mark, who is with LingQ whom you know and, Eric, who’s manning the camera. Mark: Hi, all. Eric: Hello. Steve: Hello, right. So we thought we’d change the venue a bit. Eric: We’re ready to go. Steve: Okay, here’s the list […]

7 October 2015

Syrian Refugees Will Need to Invest in Language Skills

  Refugees are flowing into Europe. The newspapers, TV news and social media are reporting on the desperate plight of people fleeing war in Syria and elsewhere, or people who are simply seeking a better life in Europe. Europe is not the only area into which refugees are flowing. We are witnessing a massive movement […]